The Catholic Key Blog: Atheists Need Better Liturgists.

Ok, I get the whole power of ritual thing. But I have to agree with the (presumably Catholic) author of this post. Does “de-baptism” frame your situation to make a better atheist?

Or is it all a big stupid joke like dress-like-a-pirate day?

Overheard in a cafe

Overheard: “Obama is a Muslim, and Muslims are bound to destroy the United States!”

At this point, I got my coffee refill and put back my noise-canceling headphones as quickly as I could.

The Medicare donut hole, bork bork bork!

Pharmagossip has found a video explaining the Medicare donut hole:

And in tonight’s health news segment … oh baby oh baby OH!

News segments just don’t get any more disconcerting than this. I mean, you have to wonder what Tom Brokaw was “featuring” on the segment – Viagra?

Poetic law

Not all laws have to be dry prose.

(via tendentious)

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I gotta new drug

Life has been hard recently, what with some increased effort at work, sick kids, and other family efforts. However, I feel great, because I found a new drug. Now life is peachy, and I don’t suffer any more from dysphoric social attention consumption deficit anxiety disorder.

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Listen to iPod, go to jail

Either he’s a warrior for a clueless, or simply wants the notoriety of proposing a stupid law targeting a popular device. Either way, NY Sen. Carl Kruger has proposed a bill to ban iPods and Blackberry devices.

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