Back to yoga, just like riding a bike

Today, I went back to a yoga class for the first time in 9 months. I had been doing some at home, but nothing close to a yoga class. It was Anusara, level 2 flow by Anusara-inspired Kelly.

And yoga was there to welcome me back with open arms. Kelly, whom I’ve been two maybe twice, even remembered my name. Unusally welcoming was pincha mayurasana (forearm balance), in which, despite the fact I have attempted it all of 3 times in the last few months, I found the balance point and even managed to hold it. All the loops and spirals, and even the mutant frog-camel pose. While I could tell I was in a much different place physically than last time, somehow the movements, the feelings, the adjustments all seemed ingrained.

So Darren Rhodes is coming later this month to do his expansion workshop. I’ll be there for part of it.

The NC political season has begun

NC has traditionally scheduled its primary so as to put itself out of contention for determining national candidates in the primary. This is to try to separate state and national politics in our state.

One happy result of this is that we didn’t get the onslaught of national political ads until after the conventions. (The state ones were acerbic enough.) Well, now that Hillary and Barack are duking it out so late in the season, the national ads have begun. And, living in Asheville, we get a lot of SC ads as well, so we got a double dose this year.

Ugh. Well, after the NCAA tournament, TV usage will go down. Except for those episodes of Project Runway my wife makes me watch.