The mental part of physical exercise

I’ve come to the part of my taekwondo training where the mental aspect is becoming very important, and the depth of the importance of the mental aspect is starting to become apparent. Obviously, it takes mental toughness to make it to class, practice at home, or push through a grueling sparring match. Also obvious is that our forms and one-step sparring have a sequence of moves that has to be learned. What is not so apparent at the start is the mental aspect of executing each technique. Techniques have a preparation, execution, and follow through. Applying a lot of force throughout each technique actually gets in the way of the execution. Rather, the main force should be applied right before contact so that the strength will be most effective and efficient. Also, all the pressing thoughts get in the way of any kind of technique.

So that’s where I am now. Conditioning so my body can be fit to do what I ask it to do, practice so it will remember how to execute technique, and calming the mind so it will get out of the way when it’s time to deliver the payload.