Closing up this shop, perchance to open once again

So, lately, I’ve been thinking about where to take this blog. Late last year, I spun off my professional stuff to a new blog called Realizations in Biostatistics, and pretty much kept this for my personal opinions. This particular blog has a long history, having been hosted on Blogger, .mac (using iBlog), ibiblio (using Pivot), Liverack, and finally Host Department. Each service has had its upsides and downsides. The latest has the nice benefit of theoretically infinite bandwidth (something I was running into problems with at Liverack, though their nonexistent customer service made the problem much worse). However, the server must reside on a Commodore 64 (what kind of chip you got in there, a Dorito?), and sometimes I can’t even post using the WordPress admin pages because of the bad response time. Earlier this year I reached 20,000 visitors, which is a nice milestone for a low-traffic blog like this.

I’ve gone from about 10 readers a day to about 40 (or over 100 at various times), and recently I’ve dropped to about 5. I gained a small but intelligent readership, which was perfect for me. However, I feel I haven’t been able to do this blog or its readership any justice, and I’ve just let it fall by the wayside. It’s been more of an eclectic personal blog, and I’m finding as time passes that I’m less interested in personal blogs and more interested about what viewpoints people have on topics on which they have a lot of experience or expertise. I guess I’m losing interest in personal blogs and am finding more interest in professional blogs with a personal angle. This blog is no different. I guess I’m losing interest in sharing personal things, not to mention that life has cranked up enough where I need to spend more time living it and less time sharing about living it.

I’ve also been thinking about why I’ve had a sudden drop in readership, and I’ve come up with three for 4 reasons:
1) A lot of the readership pretty much stumbled upon this blog, and left quickly after finding the random bit of information they were looking for
2) My hosting company did some “upgrading” recently, and as a result I’ve been left with a blog with a very slow response time
3) I’ve been letting this blog go recently, and it probably shows (and so I haven’t really done much about #1 and #2)
and maybe
4) I think as blogging matures the personal stuff is going to services like Twitter or Myspace and blogging is becoming more of a topical medium, a professional outlet (like the major news outlet blogs), a community tool, or a cult phenomenon.

So I think I am going to go in the direction of #4 as well and keep Realizations as my primary blog, which I update less frequently but with matter that is less connected to the particular time it is published and is more oriented to doing biostatistics. If I decide to blog my yoga practice (and I may well do so) then I’ll start a topical blog on that. This domain and blog will remain until the time I prepaid runs out, but I don’t think I will renew them. Or maybe I’ll run WordPress backup and move this as an archive to

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One from the vaults

This one’s from the Revenge of the Sith days.

Beating the car dealership

For some reason, readership has fallen to 1/8 of what it used to be, and the change was rather sudden. Given that I haven’t kept this blog up very well (work and family matters have prevented this, or rather my desire to attend to the increased workload from these two areas of life), I’m not surprised by the drop. However, I was surprised by the suddenness. Oh well.

Anyway, the topic of the day is how to beat getting screwed when buying a car from a dealier. The consumerist has the details. The article and the comments are both worth reading.

via Black Kitty

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