Oh so close

The Davidson Wildcats were 3 points away from a Final Four trip. I would have loved to see them go.

Instead, the Final Four is full of #1 seeds.

Go Heels!

I like the new Firefox

It has a cleaner interface and seems to be a lot faster. Check it out, if you dare! (I’m using 3.0b4 right now.)

I have opinions

And I’ll state them here. I used to host a wordpress blog over at a personal domain, but I’ve turned that into a family blog. I also have another blog for professional (biostatistics and drug development) entries over at Realizations in Biostatistics. Here I’ll just write on random things, though given the saturation of politics in this election year I have the feeling that I’ll be writing more on those.

There’s a whole year of entries that are missing, but I’ll try to recover them. They’re in a WordPress .xml file, but I’m having problems uploading.

Update: there’s also this issue with the fact that I used to use the markdown plugin.