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I just installed WordPress Mobile Edition for you mobile browsers out there. Enjoy Random John from your phone!

Just so we’re clear

“Microsoft did NOT rip off Apple’s ideas for the Vista operating system”:http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=d14603c1e23e6ce37920a8134a2e27b1405a4991&rf=bm.

Vitamin D starts to show its promise in cancer and multiple sclerosis

Mike Adams of “News Target”:http://www.newstarget.com fame has sung the virtues of Vitamin D (among his paranoid rantings that the government is trying to scare us away from the sun so we don’t have enough Vitamin D). Of course, he’s talking about prophylaxis.

Vitamin D is being put to the test as a treatment. First up, it’s used as an adjunct to docetaxel in prostate cancer with no further treatment options. Preliminary data is promising, and this trial looks like one of the large confirmatory trials. This is going to be a good first step to studying the role of Vitamin D (or lack thereof) in carcinogenesis.

Another line of research is looking at the role of Vitamin D in MS(multiple sclerosis) prophylaxis. Cohort studies showed some protective effect in caucasians (but not blacks or Hispanics). They want to see a clinical trial to confirm the findings.

I’ll get on this bandwagon, too

I am Time’s Person of the Year. Seriously.

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Google has a patent search!

Sweet. Any guesses as to which patent I searched for first?

New directions

So, I’ve been thinking about where I want to take this blog. Mostly, it has been a personal outlet, and I’ve been writing pretty much what comes to mind. I still want that personal outlet, and Random John Reloaded will remain that forum. However, I think I need an outlet for professional blogging as well. The public is becoming more informed about health care issues, and even drug development in particular. Unfortunately, public trust in the scientific process with regards to the development and marketing of drugs is faltering, and I do think there is a contribution a biostatistician can make to the to turn this around. I think waning public trust in the process is a pretty bad thing because then we don’t know how to take care of ourselves. I do think that critical thinking skills, honest skepticism, transparency, and a good understanding of the scientific process are essential in rebuilding trust in our healthcare system.

Therefore, soon I will be starting a new professional blog, still to be named. The goal of that blog will be to give people information on how clinical trials are run, how drugs are taken from the laboratory to the market, how we learn about drugs, and biostatistics in general. I will probably submit entries to carnivals such as Bio::Blogs. Random John Reloaded will still exist as a personal outlet, including topics on politics, alternative medicine (when it doesn’t relate to studies, trial design, or analysis), and personal issues.

So without further ado, I present to you Realizations in Biostatistics. It’s on Blogger Beta for now, I know. Blogger annoyances will one day force me to move it over.

Hey, Swivel’s up!

Share your data analysis all you want. Swivel‘s up!

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