Keating Economics – John McCain’s albatross returns

James Carville said that when your opponent is drowning, “throw the son of a bitch an anvil.”

Anvil #1: while conservative pundits will forever think that Sarah Palin winked at them during the VP debate, everyone will remember “On the issues that matter … John McCain is no maverick.”

Anvil #2: John McCains previously “untouchable” war record is questioned.

Anvil #3: Keating Economics, sponsored by the Obama campaign. This will stick to McCain much more effectively than McCain’s weak smear campaign, because there’s a Senate Ethics committee hearing in which John McCain was reprimanded over his “poor judgment,” McCain has vehemently espoused the same economic policies that led to the collapse of the S&L industry, and the current financial crisis/meltdown has made clear the present importance of this issue.

McCain has already pulled out of a swing state (MI), is defending traditionally red states (including, I’m happy to say, NC), and is trying to battle over 1 EV from Maine, while Obama is putting even frackin’ Georgia in play. McCain’s drowning, and he’s having to deal with a whole series of anvils. This is starting to get beyond the reach of even the Republican voter purge/disenfranchisement strategy.