Dong-A wants you to stay up,

if you know what I mean. But, I have to give them a heartfelt congratulations on their “positive results” for their new “long-acting” drug. I’m glad they met all their “endpoints.”

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Silver-tongued execs or gullible shareholders?

Somehow this just strikes a sour chord with me. I mean, any clinical trial in the development of a drug is a gamble. The odds are worse than high-stakes poker.

The kicker: Nuvelo expects further similar suits. I smell a rat.

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Junk Charts takes on “March mildness”

No, not the weather! We’re talking about bracketology. Apparently this was a year running low on upsets, and the NYT(New York Times) wanted to make a point. By improving on the NYT(New York Times) chart, Junk Charts makes some interesting discoveries: 10 beat 7 upsets occurred almost as frequently in recent history as 9-8 upsets. In fact, in 1999, all 9 and 10 seeds won!

11-6 and 12-5 upsets are not that uncommon (bye bye Duke!). 13-4 is relatively uncommon, and 14-3 upsets are rare (unfortunately including a nasty splotch on UNC’s record). 15-2 upsets have occurred once, and 16-1 upsets have never occurred as you hear over and over every march.

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The FDA on Complementary and Alternative Medicine

The FDA has just issued a draft guidance (pdf) on the application of Public Health Service and Food Drug and Cosmetic acts to complementary and alternative medicine products. The guidance, when finalized, will help to clarify when products need to clear regulatory hurdles and which regulatory hurdles they need to clear. This is a good thing, because it should open up many CAM modalities to a little more honest scrutiny (if only a little) and, hopefully, open up further studies.

I’m curious to hear reactions to this. Of note, the FDA is already overseeing/reviewing licensing applications (or INDs leading up to licensing applications) for many herbal remedies.

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And in tonight’s health news segment … oh baby oh baby OH!

News segments just don’t get any more disconcerting than this. I mean, you have to wonder what Tom Brokaw was “featuring” on the segment – Viagra?

How often does this happen?

NC State knocks off Duke in both ACC basketball tournaments, and then UNC knocks off NC State in the finals of both tournaments. Mind you, I like this order of events, and two times in one basketball season is twice as nice.

So yeah, Go Heels! Go Heels!

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After that, you will die of a heart attack

I have no idea what this is all about. With 4 grams of transfat per doughnut, I think I’ll be gagging over the toilet rather than, well, just click the link.

h/t apostropher, who else?

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