The Catholic Key Blog: Atheists Need Better Liturgists.

Ok, I get the whole power of ritual thing. But I have to agree with the (presumably Catholic) author of this post. Does “de-baptism” frame your situation to make a better atheist?

Or is it all a big stupid joke like dress-like-a-pirate day?

Feel at ease your vote will be counted – right?!

via ES&S Voting Machines in Michigan Flunk Tests, Don’t Tally Votes Consistently | Threat Level from

Denial is just a river in Egypt

via Pajamas Media » Ten Reasons Why McCain Could Still Win

Palin will not be threatened by zombies

via Zombies pose no threat at Palin event | | Asheville Citizen-Times

Of course, it’s because zombies go after brains … 🙂

You have to love Asheville.

The conservative endorsements keep piling on

via Daily Kos: McCain Advisor, Reagan Solicitor General Votes Obama

Let’s see, Christopher Buckley, Colin Powell, Scott McClellan, Bill Weld, and now Charles Fried.

Pretty good for “the most liberal Senator.”

Can’t blame him for trying

John McCain has an interactive part of his website that allows his supporters — and others — to make signs. Here’s one result:

don't tax me for working hard

I am trying hard for the FAIL

More on ACORN nonsense

While the individuals involved in voter registration fraud need to be prosecuted as per the law, this is turning out to be a non-issue. The reports from Indiana and the FBI will certainly be interesting.