President Bush’s Iran strategy revealed!

Brought to you by “Says-It”:, makers of the church sign generator.

h/t Insider, maker of the Hank McKinnell fund.

Ode to Sam


No longer will I have the sight of her butt in my face while I’m doing yoga. Sam, our sunshine kitty who has graced our lives for almost 8 years, passed away today due to squamous cell cancer in the mouth. We adopted her when she was 2 or 3 years old, a vagabond at the vet. She was quirky, even as cats go:

* If I started doing yoga, even if she was asleep, she would come over and put a butt in my face while I was doing down dog.
* She would often come inside, use the litter box, and then go back outside.
* She spent a good part of her time so large that she could not fit through our cat door.
* She had her perch on the back of the sofa.
* She spent a good deal of time purring. She would even purr when upset.

Rest in peace, Sam.

Gelman posts his chapter on ‘Lying with statistics’

Andrew Gelman, a prominent Bayesian statistician, has posted a chapter ‘”Lying with Statistics”:’ from his book.

A good read, with good examples.

Random John quackery update — I regressed

Bizarre, just bizarre. My canard rating dropped like a stone with just two entries! I didn’t even try. Perhaps I should stop using such terms as “placebo” and “quackery.”

Gates’s sick vision of internet-connected household a step closer to reality

How long before we see ads for Tide because our laundry didn’t come clean and a notice popped up on our toaster telling us that?

I must be a quack – the quack-o-meter told me so!

I scored 8 canards out of 10!

I don’t know if I can add anything to this. I think I might go for 10 canards. I wonder what I would have to do…

I mean seriously, if a personal blog that espouses critical thinking of a different sort from Robert Carroll and the skeptics circle can get 8 canards out of 10, then you know something is up with the algorithm.

I guess, being a biostatistician, I hate words such as placebo and eat too much organic food.

Grounds for confidence

By engaging in that bit of quackery known as “sugar detox,” I have lost 7.5 pounds in the last two weeks. That’s right. By drinking my coffee black (and cutting back to one cup a day) and eliminating sweets from my diet I’ve gone from around 210 to 202.5 in two short weeks. The only other change I’ve made is a little bit more activity. I’ve also noticed that I take in a lot more water. My wife has heard that sometimes sugar craving and dehydration signals can sometimes be confused. My experience certainly lends credence to that statement.

Who knows what sort of woo I will engage in next. Yoga, perhaps?