For once I support Eminem

Eminem wants less fame.

The involvment of truth in this election season has been merely coincidental recounts the falsehoods made by both sides in their final flurry of ads of the election season. To Bush and Kerry (and the major parties in general), nothing matters more than being in power. Certainly not the truth.

Scary stuff for Halloween

I saw an NBC news report on the lost ballots in Florida. What service did the Election Board workers use to get the ballots out this time? FedEx, of course! I love competition. (Thanks to my wife Alana for pointing this out.)

In other scary news, UNC stuns Miami! Not bad for a team who was expected to beat William and Mary, and that’s it.

Because he is that bad

I used to make fun of the “anybody but Bush” crowd. After all, the President can do a lot of damage, and most candidates pretty much would do the same damage to the country, maybe in different ways. However, Bush Jr. seems to be the worst of all. His DoD has screwed up the military until it’s in the shape it was after Viet Nam, civil liberties are as low or lower than any other war time (don’t forget under Wilson it was illegal to criticize the government at various times, especially of its involvement in WWI), we are faced with a perpetual war with truth being dead a long time ago, and the list goes on.

So I hold my nose and vote for Kerry. And may Badnarik make enough of a difference in the swing states (I’m not thinking that he will, but I am hoping).

Then I’ll start my four-year campaign to get rid of Kerry.

North Carolina Dept. of Transportation Standard Operating Procedures

Page 1, Paragraph 1: All projects shall take 10 times longer than any reasonable effort should require. It happened with 54, it’s happening with 15-501, and it is the past, present, and future of I-40 in the triangle area.

Bush gives the one-fingered salute

Here it is (Quicktime required).

via boingboing

On this day in history …

The Statue of Liberty was born. Harry Browne compares America when the Statue was erected and America today. I think he sensationalizes America 1886 a little bit too much, but, as always, he gives food for thought.