Don’t vote …

Until you’ve read this.

Also, don’t vote for the Republicans. They’re not much better.

Don’t vote for the Greens, because they’re ideas are worse than the Democrats’.

That leaves the Libertarians—the only party that gives a damn about freedom.


An HIV — Black Plague Connection?

From PBS, Oct 30, WUNC at 8pm (Secrets of the Dead): a particular mutation (Delta-32) gives resistance (if one copy is received) or immunity (if two copies are received) to both HIV and the Black Plague. Must investigate further.


The Legacy of Wellstone?

Well, the Democrats and Republicans have turned the late senator’s memorial into a circus. I wouldn’t have wished this on my worst enemy.

This is what politics does to people. Remember this.


Note to self

Must recognize when Less Is More.


I told you so?

A few days ago, I asked the question, “Is the sniper a terrorist?” I stand behind my answer: “Yes.”

The fact is, the face of terrorism is changing. It is becoming more than suicide bombings and fantastic horror. Sleeper cells are all over the United States, but not all are going to be attacking the World Trade Centers. You can rest assured Al Qaeda, if they are not directly involved in the sniper attack, have noted the trigger and the reaction (so to speak).

John Williams Muhammed has expressed sympathy for the September 11 hijackers. In 1998, Usama bin Laden issued a religious declaration to kill American, men, women, children, armed, disarmed, innocent, military, civilians alike. The people who heed this call need not be coordinated. You can rest assured that this sniper situation concurs with the terrorists’ plan.

So don’t ask whether these sniper attacks are related to terrorism. Ask how you can protect yourself from the new face of terrorism.


Is the sniper the work of terrorism?

Since 9/11, just about every group under the sun has attempted to hijack the word “terrorism.” Certain environments tag loggers with the label. Certain groups that make Salon.com look like a bunch of right-wing nuts love to call George W. Bush a terrorist. And, if the notorious families were still feuding today, the Hatfields and McCoys would be calling each other terrorists.

So, is the sniper a terrorist? Yes, even if you do not apply the recent generalizations to the term. People in Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia are scared. The news is filled with people who are afraid to pump gas.

Who knows whether our lovely sniper is a member of Al-Quaeda. But I tell you, Al-Quaeda is watching, and I bet they are taking notes.


We can’t go on without Democrats and Republicans
There you have it. The New Jersey Supreme Court has deemed that they have to have Democrats and Republicans on a ballot.Â

According toMSNBC:
But in its seven-page ruling, the court said it was more important to have a ballot �??bearing the names of candidates of both major political parties.�?�

This is a throwback to an expressed opinion of Republicans in the North Carolina General assembly that having prohibitive ballot access requirements and a de facto two-party system is not a bad thing.

So, let me get this straight: it’s ok to enact legislation to keep small but valid parties off the ballot, but if any such law keeps a Democrat or Republican off the ballot, we can just ignore or sidestep it?

I tell you, the Democrats and Republicans are just trying to keep a monopoly on the politics of this nation. They have power, and they have enacted laws to keep others out of power. When they trip over their own laws, they make up excuses.

We need to get these goons out of office. Now.