The conservative endorsements keep piling on

via Daily Kos: McCain Advisor, Reagan Solicitor General Votes Obama

Let’s see, Christopher Buckley, Colin Powell, Scott McClellan, Bill Weld, and now Charles Fried.

Pretty good for “the most liberal Senator.”

Second presidential debate, Obama’s word cloud

Obama's word cloud


Word clouds were created by Unfortunately, the HTML they supplied didn’t work with WordPress, so I took a screenshot and cropped it.

Reporting deadline

A major reporting deadline for candidates is today. What is collected by today reflects the capability of the candidates to get their ground game going and continuing in October.

If you want to donate to the Obama campaign, go here.

Annenberg fact checks the debate FactChecking Debate No. 1.

Again, the worst Obama comes out with is a few misleading statements (eg 95% of households, not people, get a tax break), McCain misleads on his own record, and Kissinger flip-flops on Iran.

Factchecking the debate

Check Point: The First Debate – The Caucus Blog –

Obama had a few possibly misleading statements. McCain also had a few misleading statments backed up with some outright lies. Obama’s a bit of an idealist when it comes to energy, McCain wants to drill, baby drill and nuke, baby nuke.

Bonus: Kissinger debates self on diplomacy with Iran.

This page should be aggressively updated and spread to the 4 corners to the nation

Fight the Smears | Fight the Smears Home.

Barack Obama’s campaign exposes some of the origins of some silly (and verifiably false) smears.

Also, this:

The issues

I’ve been putting off writing about (well, anything) politics for a while, but now I’ll throw my hat in the ring and say that I support Barack Obama and Joe Biden for president. Basically, I think it comes down to the fact that Barack is more connected with reality than John McCain. When it comes to the factual basis of policy proposals, Barack seems to be a vast improvement over McCain. (Check facts out a or a variety of news sources.) When it comes to fiscal responsibility of proposals, Obama wins again, though his policies need a bit of tweaking to avoid deficit spending. When it comes to issues, I think Obama has been more consistently on his message than McCain. And when it comes to reform, which is sorely needed in Washington, I think Barack and Biden are more qualified to effect reform than McCain and Palin.

In these last 60 days before the election, and after the convention rhetoric buzz is dying down, I think it is time to take a step back, research the proposals, and evaluate who has the best plan. I did that, and decided on Barack Obama.