I’m dipping my toes into mobile blogging, now that I have a phone with reasonable text entry.

Now I can blog while hiking!

Mobile test

Testing from my phone. Way cool!

The “best buy” in public health for the West «

I spend over $200/mo so my family can have a common physical activity/sport we all do together (taekwondo). This in addition to the occasional mountain hikes or walks through the Biltmore estate we carry the children on. It’s the best money we can spend right now behind basic survival.

Some of the earlier epidemiological studies were done on the effect of exercise on heart attack rate in Britain. This was one of those results that passed the “interocular impact test” (smacks you between the eyes): no minuscule effect which has to be heavily powered to see.

Though done in the ’50s, those studies are as important today as ever. The Stats blog has the scoop.