Review of the Samsung Intercept and Epic

Over the last month I have tried both the Samsung Intercept and Epic. Here are my thoughts.

I really wanted to like the Intercept, but in the end the quality wad so poor I couldn’t stand it. The phone frequently locked up and crashed, making it unusable. It had great features for the price, but a low price for junk out still money thrown away.
So I got an Epic. Right now I’m composing this entry on the Epic using the swype system, and even through I’m not used to the system it’s pretty fast. It has great apps and looks beautiful. I plan to stress test the phone in the next few days to check the camera and battery.

Tracking food: a 30-day trial

Armed with the Sparkpeople website and an Android app, I am tracking everything I eat for 30 days. I am on day 3. So far, I have noticed the following:

* tracking is hard with all the composite foods

* coffee cream has a lot of calories

* I didn’t intend to change my eating habits, but I have automatically

My BMI is around 28, so I’m due to lose a few.