The Ziggy effect

It’s Ziggy!

From Playset

©2008 John Johnson
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A few Memorial weekend festivities

©2008 John Johnson
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After 155 hours or so of work in the last 3 weeks, I got to take a “break.” By “break” I mean getting the kids together with their cousins so they could push, throw balls at each other, and, well, you know, scream while riding a hobby horse.

Now, it’s “but mommy, I don’t want to go to sleep quite yet.”

Happenings Part II

© John Johnson 2008

© John Johnson 2008

Ok, so I got off my can (actually, took a break from work) and made some of my own pictures. I got some of both the playset in action and of the cicadas.

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Cicadas in the Apple Tree

Cicadas in the Apple Tree,
originally uploaded by Happy Monkey.

Ok, so I’ve been too lazy to even take my own photos of these ubiquitous pests, so I just posted a flikr photo by Happy Monkey. But they’re here. In full force. My daughter has been collecting them. I’ve been throwing them off of me when they land on the back of my neck.

In other news, after 5 months I’ve basically finished the backyard fence. Credit goes to my father-in-law for most of the work, but I did a piece as well.

Next Generation Playset tower

And the only thing I have to do to have the tower and slide part of the playset finished is put on the ladder. That will take all of 10 minutes. And the playset will be playable. There’s still the swingset and picnic table to install, but those will go quickly and those aren’t required to throw the kids outside.

Early cancer detection

I never thought I would see the day where I would call a piece written by David Gorski (aka Orac — I guess it’s good form to associate the two now since he’s blogging under his true name at Science-Based Medicine) well-written.

But here it is: his description on the difficulties of disentangling the effectiveness of early detection in cancer in treatment and prognosis is well written and worth a read. The comments, however, seem to degenerate into a “discussion” about whether “pre-moderns” had cancer.

Finally, some answers to why these make me feel better

Some time ago, I noticed that spinach and eggs seemed to make me feel better and lift my mood. Now I have some valuable theories why.

I also noticed that Jigsaw B-vitamins also worked pretty well.

The culprits seem to be folate, then B6, then B5. We shall see.

As an aside, I wonder what would happen if we ran Jigsaw’s B/SRT vitamin against an antidepressant in a randomized blinded trial.

Overheard in a cafe

Overheard: “Obama is a Muslim, and Muslims are bound to destroy the United States!”

At this point, I got my coffee refill and put back my noise-canceling headphones as quickly as I could.