Second presidential debate, Obama’s word cloud

Obama's word cloud


Word clouds were created by Unfortunately, the HTML they supplied didn’t work with WordPress, so I took a screenshot and cropped it.

Second presidential debate, McCain’s word cloud

Word cloud for McCain

Word cloud for McCain

Annenberg fact checks the debate FactChecking Debate No. 1.

Again, the worst Obama comes out with is a few misleading statements (eg 95% of households, not people, get a tax break), McCain misleads on his own record, and Kissinger flip-flops on Iran.

Factchecking the debate

Check Point: The First Debate – The Caucus Blog –

Obama had a few possibly misleading statements. McCain also had a few misleading statments backed up with some outright lies. Obama’s a bit of an idealist when it comes to energy, McCain wants to drill, baby drill and nuke, baby nuke.

Bonus: Kissinger debates self on diplomacy with Iran.

McCain loses his self-made game of chicken

McCain to attend debate ::

Dumb idea to even float the cancellation in the first place.