I’m floating in a most peculiar way


Originally uploaded by RandomJohn.I highly recommend a museum membership if you have kids. You have opportunities to get pictures like this one.

One from the vaults

This one’s from the Revenge of the Sith days.

Definition of “The Pits”

“The Pits” (n.): having four people in one household with a form of rotavirus, Norwalk, or other stomach malady.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

In years past, I’ve pretty much said “Bah Humbug!” to Christmas until well into December. I always avoided the crowds on Black Friday, and wouldn’t get a tree until the second or third week of December.

Right now, the tree is up and lighted, and the outside decorations are up. A wreath made from real pine decorates our door. We’ve even had Bing Crosby’s _White Christmas_ going at one point. Christmas carols fill our bedtime routine. There are still some ornaments to put on the trees, and the garland remains to be put up.

This, folks, is what having kids does. Beware!

Word of the day

“obstreperous”:http://dictionary.reference.com/wordoftheday/archive/2006/10/18.html: the art and science of being three years old

Snigger snack peas

I took my three-year old daughter to the farm today so we could pick sugar snap peas, or, as she calls them, “snigger snack peas.” One of the parts of my home education that I really appreciate is that my father kept a very large garden (he aspired to be a farmer, but didn’t really have the time for it). Of course, I had to plant, water, and pick vegetables, and we would serve them for dinner. All too often, we don’t get that sort of education.

Thanks, Dad! I’m trying to pass it on to my children the best way I can.


At any rate, I subscribe to a weekly organic vegetable box delivery from Timberwood Organics. The service usually runs April through October, and we get seasonable fresh vegetables. They sponsor a “U-pick” session about twice a year, where people can come out and get leftover crops that weren’t picked. That’s where my daughter and I were today, and she loved it. And got a free lunch out of it.
If you have a CSA(Community-Supported Agriculture) service in your area, I recommend you check it out. It’s even better if it’s organic.

From the department of “No $#!+, Sherlock!”

Two-year-olds don’t pay attention to instructions given to them by Barney the -Monster- Dinosaur