A great way to zerotask

Ever wondered about those TLAs? Well onboard yourself with The Ridiculous Business Jargon Encyclopedia, and be careful if you’re homing from work. Don’t get the axe because of your hypertasking and leave a bunch of ghost work, but I do find it useful to ramp up the RDB from time to time so I can leverage file thirteen when I have to touch base with those that have gone suit F2F.

Ugh. Time for bed. I’ve been the real mucus trooper these days at home and at the salt mine. It’s questionable whether I’ve been fit for purpose, but given that I’ve been fire fighting I’ve not had much choice. I just hope I haven’t flubbed anything, as is the risk when everything comes off the back burner onto the front burner at the same time. Hypertasking was hard. (Yes, I had to repurpose that word, or was that retread?) But it wasn’t face time. I just hope I don’t have to face a Come to Jesus meeting.


One Response

  1. You poor thing; you’ve really snapped, haven’t you? :p Get some cheese fries and a beer, and I’ll see you soon. Love you!

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