McCain loses his self-made game of chicken

McCain to attend debate ::

Dumb idea to even float the cancellation in the first place.

How we got into this financial mess. At least 3 times.

Daily Kos: Three Times is Enemy Action.

We owe Mark Sumner (aka DevilsTower) a huge debt of gratitude for this piece. (No pun intended. Really.)

He was for it before he was against it

Daily Kos: McCain: Change You Can Believe I Came Up With Yesterday.

And now, he’s both for it and against it at the same time! I said it before and I’ll say it again, McCain will say any and every thing to get elected, regardless of the facts and truth. I like Obama’s campaign subtheme that McCain is less willing to lose an election than his integrity.

When it comes to straight talk, John McCain is not the real McCoy

The man is unfit for the presidency. It is clear that he will say whatever is politically expedient at the time. It’s one thing to change your mind, but this is clearly not a case of simple mind-changing. It’s a case of dissembling.

Pants on fire, DNC edition

Count the Lies – McCainPedia.

I haven’t gone through all of them, and be sure to use critical thinking when perusing, but it’s an interesting idea with references.

Even Rove is saying McCain goes to far in his lying

Rove: McCain went too far in ads –

Holy cow. When the sleazemaster accuses you of going too far (and he’s supposed to be on your side), I think you’ve gone too far.

By the way, Senator McCain, since you’re pandering to the far right, you might have heard of the Bible. I suggest you read Matthew 16:26.

Can John McCain tell any truthful thing anymore?

He can’t even tell the truth about the size of the crowds at his rallies.

Beyond this election

Fact Check: McCain misstates Palin earmarks record ::

If John McCain wins the election, an insane hawk and her running mate with their collective finger on the button will be bad enough, but what of future elections? We will have shown that running on the issues loses, and making the worst shit about your opponent up while ramming rose colored glasses about your own record down the throats of voters wins elections.

Another step on the road to an illusory democracy.

The mind of (some) McCain/Palin supporters, and a theory of outlandish lies on talk radio

This story is depressing. Note the sheer denial and other bizarre psychology that keeps people supporting the Republican ticket.

I’ve developed a theory about talk radio and “conservative” websites such as townhall in the last few days. Take especially Rush, but also Boortz, Hannity, worldnetdaily and the outlandish rhetoric. Most people (and I mean conservatives as well) who take a step back and think about the rhetoric will dismiss it immediately. But taking a step back generally doesn’t happen. Rush yabs on in the background, and the words reach the ears of many listeners unconsciously — and uncritically. So when it comes time to consider less outlandish lies — such as the ‘Bridge to nowhere’ or McCain’s supposed ‘support’ for alternative energy or the his alleged stance on earmarks, the Republican stance is adopted uncritically because it ‘sounds reasonable.’ And then some people, such as the crazy woman in the linked diary, take it too far but moderates tolerate the stance.

If John McCain wins this election, I bet this effect will make up a significant part of the victory. Because he certainly isn’t winning on the truth.

The issues

I’ve been putting off writing about (well, anything) politics for a while, but now I’ll throw my hat in the ring and say that I support Barack Obama and Joe Biden for president. Basically, I think it comes down to the fact that Barack is more connected with reality than John McCain. When it comes to the factual basis of policy proposals, Barack seems to be a vast improvement over McCain. (Check facts out a or a variety of news sources.) When it comes to fiscal responsibility of proposals, Obama wins again, though his policies need a bit of tweaking to avoid deficit spending. When it comes to issues, I think Obama has been more consistently on his message than McCain. And when it comes to reform, which is sorely needed in Washington, I think Barack and Biden are more qualified to effect reform than McCain and Palin.

In these last 60 days before the election, and after the convention rhetoric buzz is dying down, I think it is time to take a step back, research the proposals, and evaluate who has the best plan. I did that, and decided on Barack Obama.