40 gigabits per second means I could download a Dora movie for my daughter lickity-split

I want one of these.


More cool things from Google

You can search through open source code. You can even specify license:gpl or whatever.

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Steve Jobs: Dump DRM

Steve Jobs published a missive yesterday on why DRM is bad. Would Apple “embrace DRM-free music “in a heartbeat”? I’d like to think so. I mean, they’ve embraced an open-source model (Darwin) for their operating system, and their proprietary code consists primarily of making that open-source OS easy to use and adding functionality (granted, a LOT of functionality) on top of it. Presentation Zen has also noted that Jobs published an alternate opinion in 2002.

I hope Jobs is being forthcoming about his “thoughts on music.” I like Apple’s elegance and ease of use (I’ve been using Apple products since 1986), but I’m coming to like “free as in speech” software even better.

Revolution Part I: Web 2.0 meets healthcare – a marriage that I hope succeeds

One of my beliefs is that any tool that puts decision-making power in the hands of the people is a boon to the world. When it comes to decision-making power in healthcare, I’m especially interested.

So it’s with great interest and hope that I’m previewing the Revolution Health website. The parent company, Revolution LLC, sports a high-powered board of directors: Steve Case (former chairman of AOL and founder), Jim Barksdale (former CEO of Netscape), John Delaney (co-founder and CEO of CapitalSource, former co-founder and CEO of HealthCare Financial Partners), Carly Fiorina (yes, former CEO of HP during the merger with Compaq), David Golden (former VC of JP Morgan), Ron Klain (chief of staff to Al Gore and Janet Reno), Colin Powell, John Pleasants (former CEO of Ticketmaster), Frank Raines (former CEO of Fannie Mae), Steve Wigging (former CEO of Oxford Health Plans), Jeff Zients (former CEO of The Advisory Board Company, consulting progressive health centers). Steve Case is the founder, and with that board of directors, you can bet that he’s damn serious about this venture.

Their mission can be found here. Challenge limits, leadership, excellence, commitment, our people are all good missions, especially the challenge limits because I believe we have some stupid limits in our healthcare system. Their partnerships is telling, as well, as it indicates that they are committed to providing not only reliable evidence-based information, but the best information on alternative medicine as well. (Translation for pseudoskeptics: information that can help people successfully navigate the confusing world of alternative medicine, rather than knee-jerk claim it’s all a hoax).

I was invited to preview their new Web 2.0 site (is there a word better than ‘website’ to indicate 2.0? Maybe ‘webcom’ – web community). To do a thorough preview of a web-based tool such as this is going to take some time and effort, and I believe that this effort is worth while. So, in the next few days, I’ll be going through Revolution Health site and kicking the tires. I will provide commentary on the tools they have up and running, and whether those tools can be effectively used in decisionmaking.

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Just so we’re clear

“Microsoft did NOT rip off Apple’s ideas for the Vista operating system”:http://video.on.nytimes.com/?fr_story=d14603c1e23e6ce37920a8134a2e27b1405a4991&rf=bm.