Voter registration fraud: fact edition

via TPMMuckraker | Talking Points Memo | Irony Alert: GOP Political Consultant Arrested For Voter Registration Fraud

Arrests for voter registration fraud connected to Democrats: 0

Arrests for voter registration fraud connected to Republicans: 1

Arrests for voter fraud (overall): 0

Most people have rejected this ACORN, Ayers, and Wright nonsense as irrelevant. The only people who care are the McCain campaign, Faux News, and talk radio.


11 Responses

  1. Let’s call it what it is. It’s an attempt to turn new voters away by making them lose confidence in the voting system. Most of the new voters are coming out strong for Obama. Just a thought.

  2. Mature people what what oozes from the south end of a north bound bull. The post equating one possible republican petition fraud with the hundreds of thousands of ACORN frauds is that smelly brown substance.

  3. My typo, the first sentence of my post should read: Mature people recognize what oozes from the south end of a north bound bull.

  4. @pj – Don’t count your chickens before they hatch. For example.

    My guess is that unscrupulous ACORN employees turned in Mickey Mouse registrations, ACORN flagged them (beyond the call of duty) and turned them in (according to law), and the GOP is turning this into an issue just to have an issue. And if most of the cases follow in the steps of the NM investigation, ACORN will be shown as the scapegoat of the real boogeyman.

  5. Would that it were so but the numbers tell a different story. One or two bogus registration forms fall into the mistake category but thousands of bogus forms submitted in twelve or more states point to a more serious problem. At the least ACORN is guilty of gross negligence in hiring, training and supervising their canvassers. If there were approximately the same number of bogus Republican and Democrat registrations in ACORN’s bag, it might indicate incompetence. However, given that Democrat propaganda unjustly claims that Republicans suppress Democrat votes, the more likely explanation is that ACORN is inflating democrat registrations in hopes of overwhelming the system to benefit Democrats by creating the basis of a legal challenge if a Republican wins.

  6. pj,

    I think you give ACORN far too much credit. Our election officials are not fools. There should be an investigation and the people at ACORN responsible should be prosecuted, and we do need to look into ACORN’s infrastructure.

    But to read in partisan conspiracy theories is just plain dumb.

  7. #5: where are you getting your numbers? Fox News? Rush Limbaugh?

    Are you able to trot out the actual numbers of Republicans vs. Democrats in fraudulent registration forms, with sources to back them up? Are you able to beat out the Annendale School of Public Policy, the Associated Press, and the major news outlets?

    Yes, some lazy people thought they could get away with turning in Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboys on registration forms to collect a paycheck. Petty crimes were committed, and those individuals should be prosecuted. However, to try to tie this to any Democrat especially at this point with the facts that we have now is at the very best a stretch, and at the worst a politically calculated lie.

  8. Fact: at least five ACORN operatives stand convicted of voter registration fraud.

  9. From 2004, yes. Here’s the story of one:

    Yes, here’s someone who lived the prelude to “hundreds of thousands of ACORN frauds.”

    I don’t know about you, but to me sporadic cases of putting Mickey Mouse on the registration form, while disrespectful to real voters and deserving of prosecution, is not quite as sinister as switching someone else’s voter registration under false pretenses, and explicitly violating a state law to make it look like he was legally allowed to collect signatures in the first place.

  10. Talk about moral equivalency; one bad actor is more sinister that hundreds operating in every state. Mickey Mouse is not the problem, the problem lies with people who believe that any means is justified to win an election. You liberals are forever chanting the mantra of voter suppression yet there is no proof of your allegations. You refuse to concede that citizenship is a requirement for the right to vote or that voters furnish identification when presenting themselves at the poling place. You create an environment conducive to fraud, employ organizations willing to commit fraud and then scream foul when you get caught trying to steal the election. And, you think you have a divine right to run the world. It almost makes me wish for a vengeful god.

  11. And, now we’re back to baseless and paranoid ranting. Perhaps if you commented on a liberal site where the allegations you claim are made, and the tactics you allege are actually discussed, your last comment would have some merit.

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