McCain’s cognitive dissonance

via Daily Kos: 100 Percent Negative

It seems McCain has pulled out of the race, at least mentally. While his campaign airs 100% negative ads calling Obama “dishonorable,” “dangerous,” and “risky,” he tells his audiences (correctly) that Obama is deserving of respect and that people shouldn’t be scared of a Obama presidency.

His message is incongruent. So here’s my crazy proposition to McCain:

  1. Kick Sarah Palin and her fringe hooligans to the curb. Buy Steve Schmidt and Tucker Bounds a one-way ticket far, far away from Washington, DC. Call Romney or Pawlenty with a big apology and open arms.
  2. Make a public speech apologizing to Obama about the awful tone of the campaign since the Republican convention.
  3. Make a pledge to campaign clean, just as the McCain of 2000.
  4. Pull all the ads he has up right now and replace them with positive ones that explain his plan for handling our current problems. (Extra step: make sure there is a plan.) Make sure they are not “bomb bomb bomb Iran.”
  5. Same with the stump speeches.

Can he make this election close? Gosh darnit, you betcha! If he does the above and makes it real.

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