Thoughts on Sarah Palin

Talking Points Memo | Super-Human Energy Powers.

The only attention she should be getting is how extraordinarily bad John McCain’s judgment is in picking her as a running mate, and the fact that her being second in line for the presidency is scary. For that matter, having John McCain as president would be scary, as there very likely will be Cold War-like tensions with Russia during his administration.

We don’t need every detail of Troopergate, or Bridge to Nowhere, examples of nepotism in the Palin governor’s office to know what to expect from a McCain/Palin administration. All we need to know is that, in contrast to their position on foreign affairs, the Bush Doctrine will look like a bunch of preschoolers holding hands and singing Kumbaya. In short, McCain’s domestic policies don’t quite matter as much, as Bush’s haven’t mattered as much in light of the Iraq War (though they’ve made the economic problems only worse).

In contrast, Obama’s approach to the return of diplomacy is likely to help us start shedding the albatross of the Iraq War that has changed our national budget from one of surpluses to one of worst-ever deficits. Then his domestic policies can work.

Question of the day: why is it that conservatives are willing to spend money to bomb people, but not social help for say, rape?


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