The mind of (some) McCain/Palin supporters, and a theory of outlandish lies on talk radio

This story is depressing. Note the sheer denial and other bizarre psychology that keeps people supporting the Republican ticket.

I’ve developed a theory about talk radio and “conservative” websites such as townhall in the last few days. Take especially Rush, but also Boortz, Hannity, worldnetdaily and the outlandish rhetoric. Most people (and I mean conservatives as well) who take a step back and think about the rhetoric will dismiss it immediately. But taking a step back generally doesn’t happen. Rush yabs on in the background, and the words reach the ears of many listeners unconsciously — and uncritically. So when it comes time to consider less outlandish lies — such as the ‘Bridge to nowhere’ or McCain’s supposed ‘support’ for alternative energy or the his alleged stance on earmarks, the Republican stance is adopted uncritically because it ‘sounds reasonable.’ And then some people, such as the crazy woman in the linked diary, take it too far but moderates tolerate the stance.

If John McCain wins this election, I bet this effect will make up a significant part of the victory. Because he certainly isn’t winning on the truth.


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