Cicadas in the Apple Tree

Cicadas in the Apple Tree,
originally uploaded by Happy Monkey.

Ok, so I’ve been too lazy to even take my own photos of these ubiquitous pests, so I just posted a flikr photo by Happy Monkey. But they’re here. In full force. My daughter has been collecting them. I’ve been throwing them off of me when they land on the back of my neck.

In other news, after 5 months I’ve basically finished the backyard fence. Credit goes to my father-in-law for most of the work, but I did a piece as well.

Next Generation Playset tower

And the only thing I have to do to have the tower and slide part of the playset finished is put on the ladder. That will take all of 10 minutes. And the playset will be playable. There’s still the swingset and picnic table to install, but those will go quickly and those aren’t required to throw the kids outside.


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