While I lay here sick, I speculate on the future of my industry

Of course we are all a bit concerned about job security. So it’s been with a bit of interest that I’ve been keeping an eye on Eye on FDA and other pharma blogs to catch up on the latest of drug development legislation, industry pipelines, and anything else that might affect the industry. Granted, I’m not as jumpy as drug/biotech investors, because I’ve seen enough about how risky trials are and know exactly how little I know about investing, and considering the minefield of insider trading, I keep out of drug/biotech stocks entirely.

The thing is, translating changes in the pharma industry to changes in the CRO industry (where I work) is not straightforward. Granted, CROs depend largely on pharma companies for revenue (and on government contracts for most of the rest), so the two are related, but few news analysts ever discuss how CROs are going to react to news about pharma. Needless to say, I’ve been a little nervous about R&D budgets. However, Steve Nissen Thomson Centerwatch seems to think that R&D job cuts in pharma are going to lead to more business for the larger CROs. That sounds nice on the surface, but I keep wondering what this will mean for the smaller CROs.

In the near future, I’ll probably continue with the light posting schedule. It’s probably time for a new installment of my review of Neil Miller’s book about vaccines.

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