Junk Charts takes on “March mildness”

No, not the weather! We’re talking about bracketology. Apparently this was a year running low on upsets, and the NYT(New York Times) wanted to make a point. By improving on the NYT(New York Times) chart, Junk Charts makes some interesting discoveries: 10 beat 7 upsets occurred almost as frequently in recent history as 9-8 upsets. In fact, in 1999, all 9 and 10 seeds won!

11-6 and 12-5 upsets are not that uncommon (bye bye Duke!). 13-4 is relatively uncommon, and 14-3 upsets are rare (unfortunately including a nasty splotch on UNC’s record). 15-2 upsets have occurred once, and 16-1 upsets have never occurred as you hear over and over every march.

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