An auspicious beginning

January 27 was Yoga Day, and a very auspicious beginning to my first Anusara immersion. Despite falling ill with the latest craze in preschool viruses, practice was blissful. I even found a way to incorporate falling ill into the practice. When you fall ill, you really have to learn to respect your new boundaries. Just the acceptance of the new boundaries is part of the practice, and probably the hardest part.

The immersion is about 1/3 philosophy and 2/3 practice. That’s a bit heavier on the philosophy than 1% theory, 99% practice noted by Sri K. Prattabhi Jois, but, then again, 12 hours of straight asana probably would have taken everybody out. The most beautiful part of the Anusara system, to me, is how they take the Tantric cosmology and embody it in the asana practice. Everything you do in the poses is designed to be a reflection of Beauty and The Divine, even if our own self-vision is, well, not so perfect. It’s the intention to reflect Beauty that drives the practice. Before each asana practice, we set our intention, and that fuels us throughout. One of the stated goals of Anusara is that every student ought to leave class feeling better than going in. With few exceptions, that’s been the case for me.

We ended this weekend with Yoga Nidra, which is a delightful guided relaxation that is extremely restful. It’s probably the reason that I’m still going at 9:30 pm, even though I only had 5 or so ours of (not-so-restful) sleep last night due to illness.

I get to do 5 more weekends of this. Rock on.


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