Vaccines, the preface

This part of the review of Vaccines: Are they really safe & effective? (Neil Miller) will be short, as it is about the preface.

I have to admire a person willing to go the distance to research an issue as important as vaccination. This man looked up newspapers, congressional testimony, and the scientific literature for answers. He basically concludes that vaccines are not safe or effective, and, contrary to popular opinion, have not been responsible for the decline of infectious disease in this country. I’ll have to see about that one as I get further into the book.

He goes a step beyond this claim, however. He claims that professors, drug developers, medical professionals, professional societies, and regulatory agencies (US and international) are part of some scheme to hide the facts from the public. This is a serious charge to make against a lot of people, and, I must admit, I find this charge a little hard to swallow. Miller continues the line of thought with medical professionals that turn down vaccines for their own children and doctors who require indemnification before vaccinations. But let’s take this conspiracy theory with a grain of salt and set it aside for a while.

Miller claims then that he is presenting facts so that parents won’t “religiously trust their pediatricians.” He’s presented a difficult-to-justify opinion so far, so let’s see what his facts can do.

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  2. […] Vaccines, the preface […]

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