Busy, busy, busy

So, you may have noticed a bit of a hiatus on this blog. I’ve been very busy with work; in fact, I think this has been the busiest first week of a calendar year of my life. I did post a couple of entries about NNT(Number Needed to Treat) over at “Realizations”:http://realizationsinbiostatistics.blogspot.com. That series still has some entries that need to be written, but as it turns out the NNT is difficult to work with, from a mathematical statistics point of view. So I have some hard math and literature searching to do before finishing that series.

And here, well, there are a couple of reviews that I’ve promised people, and I’ll try to get those posted here in the next couple of weeks. (A good review takes time.)

Testing 1 2 3 … blogging from emacs seems to work!


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