Vitamin D starts to show its promise in cancer and multiple sclerosis

Mike Adams of “News Target”: fame has sung the virtues of Vitamin D (among his paranoid rantings that the government is trying to scare us away from the sun so we don’t have enough Vitamin D). Of course, he’s talking about prophylaxis.

Vitamin D is being put to the test as a treatment. First up, it’s used as an adjunct to docetaxel in prostate cancer with no further treatment options. Preliminary data is promising, and this trial looks like one of the large confirmatory trials. This is going to be a good first step to studying the role of Vitamin D (or lack thereof) in carcinogenesis.

Another line of research is looking at the role of Vitamin D in MS(multiple sclerosis) prophylaxis. Cohort studies showed some protective effect in caucasians (but not blacks or Hispanics). They want to see a clinical trial to confirm the findings.


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