A short-lived pleasant surprise while reading Boortz

Along with my fast on news and pseudoskepticism I’ve left “Neal Boortz”:http://www.boortz.com/ alone for a while. I mean, once you get past the “Most overpaid and underrated talk show host” and “Somebody’s gotta say it” crap, the guy’s a real jerk, driven insane by 9/11 and the War in Iraq. So I wandered over today[1] because, I just guess I felt like I wanted to get angry. I wasn’t disappointed, but before I got the blood temperature up I did get a little pleasant surprise.

His first entry was on “Dr. Eric Keroack”:http://boortz.com/nuze/200611/11272006.html#births, the space cadet that Bush has just appointed to deputy assistant secretary of population affairs of HHS(Department of Health and Human Services). This guy is facing a situation where a significant number of babies are born to single mothers, and he makes the following assertions:

# Condoms offer no real protection from herpes or HIV.
# Fifteen out of 100 people who have sex (outside of marriage, I presume) will get AIDS.
# The use of birth control is demeaning to women and degrading of human sexuality.
# A woman who has an abortion will be eight times more likely to get breast cancer before she’s 45.
# If you have premarital sex you won’t be able to bond with your wife or husband and your marriage will most likely be a bust.

And then Boortz made the astute observation that Bush felt his loss was do to the fact that he alienated conservatives (never said he isn’t intelligent, he’s just a jerk).

But then we get to the “I hate liberals” diatribes: complaining about minimum wages, Social security, paranoid pronouncements that Democrats are going to destroy talk radio, basic rehashings of his old paranoid rantings.

And then we get to the Iraq war. This from his “whining about Chuck Hagel’s column”:http://boortz.com/nuze/200611/11272006.html#iraq:

The promotion of any and all bad news. Something bad happens in Baghdad? It’s front page news. A single car bomb goes off? There’s nothing more important. All news from Iraq must be bad to push the anti-war, anti-Bush Administration template.

The majority of Americans finally recognize that Iraq isn’t just “one or two car bombs going off in Baghdad”:http://www.apostropher.com/blog/archives/003534.html. In fact, I don’t think there’s much controversy in calling it a civil war over there, except for those who have PR reasons for choosing other words.

He finishes up by complaining about “Yoko Ono”:http://boortz.com/nuze/200611/11272006.html#yoko (I don’t know about you, but a day of healing sounds pretty nice — we have plenty of days about war, dontcha think?), a woman who “wrote her dissertation”:http://boortz.com/nuze/200611/11272006.html#fat on overweight lesbians, and a finale: “If your daughter smokes, she’s having sex.”

Well, that’s about all the hot air I can take for a couple of months from him. It’s back to reading the clips from media matters.

fn1. Reading Boortz.com is not right for every one. If you have hypertension, heart problems, are overweight, underweight, or even the correct weight, if you have liver problems or a normal liver, then ask your doctor before reading. If you experience fever, seizures, uncontrollable temper, uncontrollable shaking of your head, clenching your fist until it bleeds, intermittent screaming of expletives, or just primal screaming, then stop reading Boortz, reach for the nearest bottle of beer, drink it down, and then call your doctor. Serious side effects may include running down the street screaming, bruised vocal cords from the screaming, bleeding and bruising in the chest, and people looking at you real funny.

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