Other trends that affect clinical research

Lilly is “outsourcing”:http://pharmagossip.blogspot.com/2006/11/lilly-say-ta-ta-to-jobs-in-west.html jobs to India. This is nothing new; pharma companies often outsource their clinical trial operations and analysis, but what is interesting about this move (besides the fact it comes on the heels of a similar announcement by Novartis) is one of the reasons given:

bq. “The goal of our relationship with TCS has several dimensions beyond reducing cost and risk, including gaining access to a global talent pool, increasing flexibility and scalability of our resources, and maintaining a global workflow that is operational 24 hours a day,” said Dr. Steve Ruberg, Group Director for Global Medical Information Sciences at Eli Lilly, in a statement.

Not sure what Ruberg means by global workflow. It’s not like you can ask for a statistical analysis, have it performed overnight (like the analysis of X-rays like some Indian companies are doing), and have it sitting in your INBOX when you arrive in the morning. At least, not if you want some degree of confidence that your data is correct and your analysis doesn’t have any bugs.

However, access to global markets is a powerful motivator. Going with an Indian CRO gives Lilly immediate regulatory expertise in the region. Look for India and China to be hotspots for clinical research and development in the coming years.

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