“Healthy heart” snacks may not be so healthy

David Gumpert has written an article titled Get a Load of This: A Corporate Grocer’s Own Research Confirms Three-Fourths of Its Products Are Garbage. It’s a good read. The basic premise is that around 77% of what this grocer carries is nutritionally worthless. While you can quibble with the 77% figure, the fact remains that most of the choices we are presented with for food are crap. Some things on this huge list may surprise you:

  • V8 vegetable juice
  • Nature Valley “Healthy Heart” granola bars
  • Campbell’s “Healthy Request” tomato soup
  • Health choice meals

These items scored a failing score because of excess sodium, which leads to hypertension.

Go vote for your favorite candidate, then go educate yourself on your food and vote with your wallet.

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