Mmmmmm… transfatdoughnuts — write Krispy Kreme

The other day, my wife and I engaged in a bad death-bringing activity known as “stress-eating” (perhaps not bad for the cavemen, but bad for a person living in modern society). We bought a dozen “Krispy-Kreme”: doughnuts, and proceeded to scarf one down. Then, after this had a brief moment of life-saving lucidity and examined the contents of the doughnuts.

4 grams of trans-fat _per doughnut_.

Let me shout that from the rooftops:

%{font-size: large; font-weight: bold}4 f***ing grams of trans-fat per doughnut!!!!1!%

So, upon returning home, I took the remaining doughnuts straight in the garbage can, with a thin film of transfat on my lips. As much transfat as _four Wendy’s singles_. Then my wife wrote the company.

Here’s the response:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding trans fat. We certainly
> understand and
> appreciate your concerns and wanted to take the time to address them
> personally with further information.
> Responding to the changing needs and lifestyles of our customers has
> been
> the history and heritage of the Krispy Kreme brand for more than 67
> years.
> We are always watching trends and working to react to our customers’
> needs
> and their lifestyles. We are presently looking into alternatives that
> would
> allow us to reduce the level of trans fats in our products while
> maintaining
> the quality and taste standard that we have to meet and that our
> customers
> expect.
> Also as you may know, Human Health Services Secretary Tommy Thompson
> released the FDA final rule for nutrition labeling of trans fat
> content in
> food and dietary supplements. The rule calls for labeling trans fat
> content on a separate line of the Nutrition Facts panel immediately
> under
> saturated fat. Krispy Kreme will make the necessary labeling changes
> to
> comply with new labeling requirements for packaging. Additionally, we
> are
> taking steps to include the information in our nutritional listings in
> our
> stores and on our Web site.
> Krispy Kreme’s customers will remain top of mind in all that we do.
> We are
> a member of and work closely with a number of leading industry
> organizations, both health and science focused, with whom we are in
> regular
> contact with on the issues surrounding the use of hydrogenated
> vegetable
> oils. We will continue to follow the findings of leading
> organizations on
> this matter and listen closely to the FDA’s recommendations as further
> conclusions are made. We will, in turn, respond with whatever changes
> we
> feel are necessary to ensure the best interests of our customers are
> served.
> Again, we appreciate your input and concern.
> Best regards,
> Carlos Rodriguez
> Krispy Kreme Customer Experience

Well, this is at least a step in the right direction. While removing even all of the transfat from doughnuts won’t make them healthy, less transfat is less deadly. Time to put some consumer pressure on them:

“Krispy Kreme contact page”:

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6 Responses

  1. Are you even aware of how small a unit of weight a gram is?
    Unless you plan on eating a lot of Krispy Kremes or are particularly unhealthy this shouldn’t be a problem.
    Unless this is some kind of satire, YOU not Krispy Kreme are the real problem here.

  2. Sporky – disagree with me argue your point if you wish but lose the rudeness. Unless having your head in the sand is good, I am not “the problem here” as you put it.

    So, as to your point that 4 grams is nothing. Perhaps not if the only transfat you eat is one doughnut every month or so, and eat no other transfat containing foods. However, unless you diligently shop for foods that contain no transfat (and that goes beyond looking at the 0 transfat labels, which can be placed on foods that contain transfat), 4 grams for one small round bit of “food” is a hell of a lot, and it adds up quick. 4 grams may not look like a lot on a scale, but it doesn’t take a lot to create problems given that the issue is plaque on artery walls combined with inflammation.

    Unless you can point to some research to back up your point, I consider your argument very flimsy.

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  4. Oh, Sporky, I guess you’re not alone. Fox News agrees with you.

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  6. […] piece from USA Today claims the answer is yes, but only marginally. And they’re right. A Krispy Kreme doughnut without transfat is only a little better than a Krispy Kreme doughnut as it stands now, mainly […]

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