The sky is falling

When I sent my out of office notification last week, I noted an indirect way to contact me if “the sky is falling.” One coworker wrote back and said that he hoped the sky would not fall. Of course, it did. My vacation day today was cut in half, and I vigorously protected the other half. I still think things turned out better than if I had opted to take the whole week off.

At any rate, this week I kicked my yoga practice up a few notches. I’ll be going to three classes this week, two of them advanced Anusara. Oh, my (I’ve already had the two advanced). Today represented the second time in my life that I placed the sole of my foot on top of my head in a backbend. It was a variation of _eka pada rajakapotasana_ where the front foot was flat on the floor rather than bent at an angle in front. And “_hanumanasana_”:, oh my. Can you do it up the wall? Can you do it in the hall? Can you do it at all? Standing splits at the wall. Forward splits, and then again. And then all of the crazy backbends (“_vrkshicasana_”: [sorry, the image link is broken but there is a silouhette icon right beside it that demonstrates] and “_rajakapotasana_”: being two of them), and _hanumanasana_ again. Put it this way, I almost settled into the pose.

Intense. That’s the word for the day. Saturday intermediate class will be a piece of cake. Maybe.

Oh, and let’s not forget all of the bound poses. “_Baddha parsvakonasana_”:, _baddha trikonasana_, _badda ardha freaking chandrasana_. (Sorry, no good pictures … take the bind in _baddha parsvakonasana_ and imagine the same type of binding — arms wrapped around the leg and clasped in back — in these different poses.) And finally, I think today was the first class in which we formally did tripod headstand — bakasana sequence. I almost got it, except I’ve lost my tripod headstand.

Sheesh. I’ve explored some. Now it’s back to basics. The Thursday class is a rare treat for me, and I’ll look forward to visiting again.

For now, it’s back to work.


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