September priorities

September is one of my favorite times of the year, at least here on the East Coast. It’s usually the first month that I smell fall in the air, although I smelled a little bit in August, amazingly. Tropical Storm Ernesto passed through the eastern part of the state just a day ago, and fortunately for us only caused slightly above average winds and some much-needed rain. It also caused (perhaps with other weather phenomena) the high temperature to be 65°F. Today it is, of course, warmer, but this morning it was cool and sunny, my favorite type of weather.

September is also important this year because it will hopefully mark the end of this hugely busy time that I’ve had. I think being busy at work is important, but there’s a limit and I think I crossed mine. If I work too much, several bad things happen:

* I start to become inefficient. I start to accomplish in 50 or 60 hours what I used to accomplish in 40.
* I get frustrated at many more things that are otherwise minor irritants.
* I snap at the children more.
* I don’t spend as much time with my wife.
* I start to lose focus in my yoga practice.
* I start to lose focus, period.

So, now that a few things are out of the way, it’s time to take a break, relax, and enjoy time with my family and yoga practice.

To kick off a long weekend, I went to a yoga practice this morning. For the first time that I can remember, my teachers took requests. One person requested hanumanasana, and I requested visvamitrasana. The whole practice today was about expanding beyond our limits, and that we certainly did. Since my practice has gone into a, um, lull since the first couple of weeks of the month, my edge was a little closer than I’m used to. I ended up falling back into child’s pose several times, and holding back on some of the backbends and pigeon prep poses.

So far, the rest of the day has been about trying to take it easy. There are millions of things I can/should/must/might be doing, however as if by necessity I’m doing everything (or not) in a leisurely fashion. I’ll get to it.

The work now is spending time with my family and getting back into my yoga practice. After that, it’s streamlining work so that I get back into top efficiency while still spending time with my family and keeping my yoga practice up. After all, all parts of life need to be in balance for all to work well.

As for blogging, well, I’ll probably be light on the statistics for a while. I do plan to start making entries in the Lying with Statistics series again, but maybe in a few weeks.

Of note, out of necessity most stuff has dropped out of daily blog reading. Most of the skeptics have, because mostly I just end up rolling my eyes at 95% of their “skepticism” (though they sometimes do post interesting and useful information). Most of the “alties” have as well. For example, “Newstarget”: has interesting information, but for some reason they are adverse to publishing outside links and references. For example, he’ll often say “a study published today” but then doesn’t give any indication of how to find the study. Mercola uses every story as an excuse to push his web store, like a good little business blogger. All this means that I probably won’t be “watching the quackwatchers” as much, not that I ever really did that much in the first place.

News reading has been confined mainly to headlines. Frankly, I probably won’t be changing that habit, as most details are bad, and the headlines are the most important anyway.

It’s all a matter of distinguishing what is truly important to do, and that’s going to be a lifelong endeavor anyway.

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