Busy busy

I’ve been keeping pretty busy as of late, and no time to tend the blog. In fact, my blog reading has fallen to pretty much nil. I’ll scan headlines in “bloglines”:http://www.bloglines.com, but usually not read much more in depth.

At any rate, you might have heard some of the hubbub surrounding the FDA’s ringing endorsement of adaptive designs. This is a good thing, as adaptive designs when properly run have the potential to decrease time to marketing a good product or sending a bad one to the biomedical waste bin. I’ll be around to comment on that in the moderate future. I still have a while of spending what little free time I have trying to recover from stuffing my head full of new information.

I also realize that with the server move, my old images have disappeared. Specifically, my graphs about the Geiers’ autism paper have gone. I’ll dig those up and put them back when I get a chance.


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