Pardon the mess

So my webhosting company pulled the rug out from under me a few days too early. Fortunately, I had a backup of my WordPress database from about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately, it wasn’t 100% compatible with my new web hosting company. But I managed.

Gone are the themes and cool sidebar widgets. For now. In time, I’ll get them back. But this comes in between family, long hours of work, and recovery from a trip to Seattle which had a rude interruption on the return flight. Yes, I was caught in the long lines in the wake of the foiled terrorist plots.

But most of my blog entries are still up.

There are improvements to the new site. I have a lot more bandwidth and a lot more space. So it’s time to let the photos flow!


One Response

  1. I miss the widgets, but the new “clean” look is nice too. And since you have a new look, I found a new direction for your blog to take as well.

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