Sugar detox – Week 2

About a week ago, I decided to do a sugar detox. Of course, the day after I decided this I went to a birthday party and had some of the cake and ice cream. (Custom-made cake.) Boy, was that a mistake! Even having been off refined and easily convertible sugar for 36 hours, I felt the impact that cake had on my mood and body! I was in bad shape for a little bit. I found out that day exactly how sugar is a mood-altering drug.
Since then, I’ve had relatively little refined sugar and flour. If I want bread, I eat whole-grain bread. (That isn’t hard for me, since I have pretty much lost a taste for white flour.) There were a couple of times I ate half-wheat, half-white flour. Yesterday I had a nasty garlic knot and a pizza (yum!). But for the most part, my source of carbohydrates has been complex carbs or fruit.

One thing I found that helps out a lot is to keep a water bottle beside me at all times. If I feel a craving for sugar, I drink water instead. It really does help, and I keep hydrated. I hear that sugar craving can be confused with dehydration, and, while I haven’t tested this subjective endpoint with a double-blind placebo-controlled clinical trial, I found that drinking water instead of ingesting sugar works perfectly fine, whatever the biological mechanism may be. đŸ˜‰

Bottom line: I lost 3 pounds last week. Furthermore, though I wasn’t going to try this until later, I also found that my caffeine consumption has gone way down. I drink 1-2 cups of coffee a day and don’t “need” coffee every day. I think some of the caffeine addiction was really sugar addiction, since I really didn’t measure the sugar content of my coffee. Now I drink coffee black. I enjoy the 1-2 cups, and then stop. I drink tea the rest of the times during the day that I want something more flavorful than water or want caffeine.

I’m also more mindful of physical activity (as a separate effort, not as one of the wonderful and amazing effects of sugar detox). I’m still not where I want to be with exercise. At this point, my goal is half an hour of yoga 5-6 times a week, to increase to an hour. I might substitute one or two of those times for something like hiking or cardio, but my mathead tendencies are starting to show through.


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