My bad experience with Horizon Foods

There is a food company called Horizon Foods that I had a recent bad experience with. We ordered a box of beef patties, chicken, and pork chops because, well, it’s hard to take two children to the grocery store and our recent acquisition of a used George Foreman grill makes meat a little more appetizing. The salesman offered to help us get our gas grill in shape and even offered to buy us a free gas tank or a box of flounder if he couldn’t do that.

He was just telling us what we wanted.

Instead of the gas tank, he brought us a box of shrimp as a “bonus.” That was ok, except it wasn’t worth $30. He did not have the box of chicken with him, but brought it the next morning. He led us to believe that the box of chicken was 10 pounds, but it was only 5 pounds. Something similar happened with the box of pork chops. He claimed that all food was only $0.03 to $0.05 more expensive than the grocery store, but in reality the food is 3 to 5 times more expensive. In addition, he led us to believe that the beef patties were made from sirloin, but a brief grilling on the George Foreman showed that what we had definitely was not sirloin. It was probably around 15% fat. He also claimed that all meat was hormone and antibiotic free, but we believe that only the chicken is that way. We don’t think that the other meat is hormone and antibiotic free, though it may be free of one or the other.

The salesman was rude on the phone when we called with our issues. We have tried calling the corporate office, but we have not yet gotten through. It may be just a bad experience with this salesman, or it may be a companywide issue. Apparently other people are happy with this company, so we’ll see.

More to come…


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  1. I hate the feeling of being ripped off. And I especially hate the feeling of being limited in my retaliation. All you can do is hope that this blog entry makes first page on google. 😉

    I’ll link to it and write about my recent getting ripped off expereience too.

  2. I had a similar experience with Horizon, but I eventually received a refund by working with my state’s agriculture department, the Better Business Bureau, and the Horizon Foods headquarters. Don’t bother with the local offices; they’re useless when you want the refund. And don’t let the company prorate you for the consumed food — their policies clearly state that a full refund will be offered if you are unhappy.

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