Spontaneous mountain hiking

Ok, so after yoga yesterday and some time relaxing at home, the family and I decided to try out a “mountain” state park close to our homeI put mountain in quotes because the elevation at peak is 867 ft above ground level, at least according to the literature they have. I understand that in order to qualify as a mountain it has to be 1000 ft. However, it was still a good time.. We were just going to go for a picnic, but then decided to follow a trail a little ways and then go back. Well, halfway around the mountain, we sat down on a bench and decided to plod further. Yes, we had two children with us. Yes, this was insane.

At any rate, three-fourths of the way around we took a wrong turn and, after going under a high-tension power line tower, we came to a rather pretty area with exposed rock. We were clearly lost. So we went back up a bit and took the right way.

Total time: about an hour an a half. Just for a fifteen minute walk up the path. Clearly I miss mountain hiking. Next time, we’ll use a map.

At any rate, after the most physically grueling day in weeks, I just want to sleep all day. It’s back to work, though…


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  1. Its great to get out wit by our own wit every now and again. Somehow nature takes hold and we are on instict alone. I have a similar story, in fact I’ll post it on my page instead of right here, I feel claustrophobic in this box. So you can check it out at your leisure.

  2. You know, it’s not very often that I get lost. Most of the time I’m in my house or office. It does feel good.

    Sorry the box is so small.

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