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On occasion, I dig through the search phrases people use to discover this site. This is because I like to know what people find interesting. I may use this information to tailor the blog, but I still primarily blog about what I find interesting. Those topics are usually statistics, medicine (alternative and conventional), clinical research, yoga, and, from time to time, politics.

From March to May, this blog got a spike in traffic due to my coverage of the TGN 1412 disaster. Of course, traffic has returned to a new normal (and thank goodness, or I’d have to upgrade my blogging account!).

So, at any rate, I decided to something a little different, courtesy Performancing metrics.

First up, we have most popular pages:

The August 2005 archive, of course, is a mishmash of several topics, so I can’t tell too much from that. The most popular post in the post-TGN 1412 era is relative risk vs. absolute risk. Then we have the yoga category, and finally, the now famous statin-grapefruit juice interaction. I did notice from search engines that some people have been looking for the bird of paradise pose. I am, too, people. I am, too. (I found it once upon a time.)
The most commented articles are the autism ones, hands down.

This month, the most-often clicked link is the Gardasil history on Science Blog, despite the fact that I just posted it not long ago. I suppose I sell the link pretty well with promises of cow warts and clergy sex. I noticed one person did click a link on suspect health information finding its way into print. That’s a good link, and I wish more people would click it. That one also points to the excellent Science Blog.

So, people who come here are looking for statistics, yoga, and medicine. Let’s see what I can deliver.

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