Because there’s only one type of altie, right?

Shorter Orac: Gah! Alties want mercury in their own products but no one else’s!


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  1. “Never mind that two large recent studies have shown amalgams to be safe.”

    Never mind the extensive criticism to these two studies.

    Maybe it’s time to engage horns with Orac? Gotta run right now, but I’ll read it tomorrow…

    Have a good Memorial weekend John!

  2. Not really much point in it. He seems so wrapped up in “being skeptical” that he misses the logical errors in his own arguments that he points out in others.

    To be honest, I find his writings on holocaust denial rather interesting, as well as when he talks about an exposition of medicine. His post about not being able to switch out of “doctor mode” when his uncle was in the hospital was some of the most powerful writing I’ve ever seen. However, when he starts writing about his skepticism of alternative medicine, it’s like he throws any attempt at being logical out the window.

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