Now statin users can have their grapefruit juice and drink it, too

Researchers at my alma mater have identified the compound in grapefruit juice that causes the most potential to interact with drugs. Grapefruit juice is known to interact with several classes of drugs, most notably the statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs such as Lipitor® and Zocor®). Soon, however, you might be able to have grapefruit juice that does not interact with these drugs.

The most exciting part of this field of research (metabolomics) is that drug-drug and drug-food interactions are starting to be identified before they happen. Sure, it’s nowhere near perfect, but it’s no longer the hit-or-miss (or don’t take with a MAOI drug, which seems to interact with everything).


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  1. […] Of note is the related story I blogged about earlier, where they isolated the compound in grapefruit juice that inhibits CYP2A4 (related to CYP2D6). It turns out that CYP2A4 metabolizes the popular statin (cholesterol-lowering) family of drugs, so that drinking grapefruit juice is contraindicated while taking statins (otherwise, you would easily overdose at prescribed levels and have lots of problems with your muscles). […]

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