Our battles are on the inside

The “screen adaptation”:http://www.thepeacefulwarriormovie.com of “Dan Millman’s”:http://www.danmillman.com book Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior is coming to the big screen on June 2.

Way of the Peaceful Warrior poster

Having read the book (actually, heard it on audiobook through the excellent “Audible.com”:http://www.audible.com web service), I look forward to this movie, and will probably get it on DVD when it comes out. Of course, watching it assumes that it will show up in a theater around here, but since the Triangle is a pretty “hoppin’ place”:http://www.randomjohn.info/wordpress/2006/04/11/ejimikated/ these days, I imagine it will find its way to at least one of the screens around here.

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