More digging through the search phrase garbage can

Every once in a while, I look at what people search for to find this blog. Well, I did again tonight, and here’s what I found:

* TGN 1412 – far and away the most popular topic that has brought people to this blog
* Kevin Trudeau scam – once the most popular search, now a distant second
* unbelievable photos – not sure what people are looking for on this, but this goes back to the election when I saw iRaq posters with silohouettes of tortured people (parody of iPod commercials) in a polling site.
* nose cleaner – my experiences with yoga nose-cleaning
* hurricanes – nifty comparison of two hurricanes — one a well-formed cat 5 (Rita) and the other a disorganized Philippe
* pragmatic fallacy – at least some people are starting to get a picture of it

And others
* various yoga poses (tarasana, kurmasana, vinyasa)
* effective diaper domination – ??? if you searched for this and found my page could you leave a comment telling me what the !#$@% this is?
* various statistics search phrases, including lottery, global warming, medical evidence
* FDA regulation of homeopathy
* Finding Flow
* meditation
* jeff bradstreet fraud/suspended
* cow dung
* penecillin allergy
* lying with statistics (I expect phrases like this to increase as I put out more under the Lying with Statistics series)

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