Vacation, yoga, allergies oh my!

People following my entries last week know that I was planning on attending four yoga classes last week, including one on Friday morning at 6 am. I’m happy to say that I made all four, and I’m glad I did. It was a wonderful experience, and I have been pretty good about keeping up a home practice.

I was on vacation at Oconee state park in SC on Saturday and Sunday, and I did yoga by the lake early in the morning. It’s a wonderful experience to do Warrior III hanging out with the cabin’s guardian goose while watching the morning fog drift across the lake. Not much like it. Basic yoga poses also help me overcome some of the stiffness from driving for long periods of time, as well.

When I started coming back, I came down with what I thought was terrible allergies. I was frustrated because I usually don’t get them, but tried the non-drowsy, non-drying Sudafed (r). I found out that it’s also a non-working Sudafed (r). I tried Claritin (r) for the first time as well, and that seemed to do the trick without knocking me on my can.

But then I showed tell-tale signs of a viral infection, so maybe I had a cold instead of allergies (or just a very mild allergy).

At any rate, work’s been busier than usual, and, in fact, here at 10:15 at night, I’m taking a break from it. Time to get back.

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