Under the hood changes and other bloggy stuff

Right now, I’m engaging in some under-the-hood changes for this blog, some of which will be visible. I quietly upgraded to “WordPress”:http://www.wordpress.org 2.0.2 a couple of weeks back, and now I’ve started using the widget functionality. This will make customizing the sidebar a little easier in some ways, but until I get comfortable with widgets I’ll have to give up some of my advocacy buttons. (Who uses them, anyway? “Performancing”:http://www.performancing.com metrics shows that most outbound clicks are from the body of my entries rather than the sidebar. Maybe I’ll abolish my sidebar.) I may also also be switching away from the rich “Ocadia”:http://beccary.com/ theme to something more subdued, especially if the increased traffic keeps up. (I actually came close to going through my bandwidth limit last month due to the TGN 1412 searches.) Or heck, maybe I’ll upgrade my hosting account.

I should also be approaching visitor 10,000 pretty soon, at least as tracked by “Sitemeter”:http://www.sitemeter.com. (I think I’m past that milestone if you count the visitors that came while I wasn’t using Sitemeter right after I moved over to Liverack.)

There’s a lot of material to comment on, including a conference along with the articles in ??PLoS?? accusing the pharmaceutical industry of inventing diseases and some positive _in vitro_ studies on Vitamin C therapy (which seems to be driving the “science bloggers”:http://www.scienceblogs.com all insane and making it sound like a duck pond over there with the resurfacing of Linus Pauling’s name). Maybe soon my brain can start to process all of this information. After all, I finally did beat “Avernum 4”:http://www.avernum.com recently, so maybe that will free up some time. And some good yoga stuff.

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